Polar Music and Sound Effects

These short music tracks have been created on the latest synthesiser technology to inspire pupils' imagination of Polar landscapes and are for use within pupils' multimedia creations.

These Polar sound effects can be used to enhance the atmosphere within pupils multimedia creations.

Combining high resolution images with sounds effects and music into a video production can enhance the learner's understanding of the subject material as well as develop a range of creative and project management skills.

Apple users can use tools built into an iPad to bring together these different elements.

'Everyone Can Create' support material from Apple can help with planning such multimedia approaches.

Simon Pile (Deputy Head at Anson Primary) has created the “Create for Antarctica on Apple Books as part of the Create For a Cause series.

It celebrates the100th anniversary of Shackleton’s expedition to Antarctica and explores some of the things the Quest21 Team will experience on retracing those famous footsteps.