Quest 21- Live Polar Exploration Events

There were a number of live events that related to this Polar resource portal; see below for recordings of these.

Antarctic Quest 21 Live Events

Teacher Support Event - 23rd November 2021

On the 23rd November Antony Jinman gave a presentation to teachers about how to teach a topic on Polar regions effectively. Members of the LGfL Curriculum Team offered advice on how to maximise the wide range of resources that support the effective delivery of this amazing cross curricular topic.

Click below to watch specific sections of the event:

1. Introduction

2. Antony Jinman - Why should teachers teach about Polar regions?

3. Key concepts relating to Quest 21 Expedition and curriculum planning

4. Introduction to The Heroic Age of Scientific Discovery and Mapping resources by Bob Usher

5. Introduction to Polar J2e/ Busythings, Widgit and Switched on Science resources by Laura Smith

6. Competition winners and conclusion by Bob Usher

  1. Advice about success for poetry competition

Pupil Event - Meet a Real Polar Explorer - 6th Dec 2021

On the 6th Dec 2021 - a live online event offered children the chance to meet Antony Jinman via Zoom and ask questions about his forthcoming and previous expeditions.

  1. Introduction

  2. The Antarctic Quest Expedition and how to survive and live in polar regions presentation with Antony Jinman

  3. Q & A session with questions from LGfL school children

  4. Conclusion and next steps

Return to the UK - Stories from the Quest 21 Expedition

On the 9th Feb 2022, a live online event offered children the chance to meet Antony Jinman and some of the other Polar explorers that had successfully returned from Antartica on the Quest 21 expedition.

Jump to specific questions that were asked (using the links) below or watch the whole session on the link to the left.

N.B The thumbnail and link for each "chapter" is the first video in each section.

If you want to view from number 2 onwards click the blue hyperlinks.