Just2easy Tool Suite Polar Related Activities

For LGfL subscribing schools, the just2easy Tool Suite platform offers a range of award winning range of digital tools to consolidate and support Polar knowledge and creativity. Explore our ready-made templates or use them to inspire you to create your own activities for your students!

The Polar Ice Caps

Use the painting tools found in jit to dress a Polar explorer.

Create a Polar Animation

Use the animate tools found within the jit5 toolsuite to create a simple animation, before making the animation get your students to plan out the animations with a simple storyboard.

Design a Flag

Look at examples of flags which are used by explorers to celebrate their journeys asked your students to create their own using the template and the tools in jit5

Pack a Sled (a)

Explore with your students what is needed to explore Polar regions and then ask your student draw in some of the objects using jit5.

Pack a Sled (b)

Explore what a Polar explorer will need to pack during an expedition, think about how long they will be away for and the extreme conditions, draw the objects, and label them text and picture tools to write about the facts you know about the Antarctic or Arctic.

Explore and Compare the two Polar Explorers With j2e5

Explore and compare the 2 Polar explorer’s clothes and equipment, can you use the j2e5 tools to label the equipment? What equipment is the same? What has changed?