Poetry Competition Gallery

Schools were invited to submit poems for two poetry competitions.

We are delighted to share the winning poems and a selection of entries received. Well done to all the schools who submitted poems.

First Poetry Competition

Shackleton by Elise at St Thomas More, Bexleyheath

Trapped inside a cold country,

Lost in a parallel universe,

Shackleton was brave.

Shackleton was saved.

Saved from the hands of fate,

Ernest has many wonderful traits,

Brave and willing,

Strong and persevering.

Survived in the worst place,

His life we are here to embrace,

Shackleton - what a man.

Shackleton - achieved without a plan.

Shackleton - we remember his story,

Shackleton - he faced failure and glory,

Let’s raise a toast; a person faced with much strife.

As we sit together embracing Ernest Shackleton’s life.

LGfL Polar Poetry winner is read out live from Antartica

On the 6th January 2022, Polar Explorer, Antony Jinman read out the winning poem from the LGfL Polar competition. The competition was for LGfL schools to create unique poems inspired by Polar exploration and the adventures of Shackleton and Scott.

Cavalli (aged 9) from Sherwood School, Merton

Shaking in his boots

He stayed inside worrying

And whimpering

Cold as icicles with his

K9 unit sled dogs.

Looking out for any survivors

Ernest knew his adventure would end soon.

Taking a deep breath;

Outside he ventured

Never to be seen again!

Year 2 Class from Lawford Church of England Primary, Essex

S - Sparkling, glistening ice shimmering in Antarctica.

H - Huddled penguins stick together like magnets to keep warm.

A - Antarctic winds howl like fierce wolves.

C - Clear waters shiver and shine like crystals.

K - Killer Whales sing a deafening song under the cold water.

L - Large icebergs make our hearts race and pound at the sight of them.

E - Endurance makes her way through the cracks in the freezing ice.

T - The brave sailors hold on for their lives feeling terrified.

O - Onwards we go, without delay.

N - Now at last, after many months, we are finally here.

Second Poetry Competition

Year 6 Whitecrest Primary School, Birmingham (Winner - Oscar)

Exploring a Snow Globe!

By Oscar, aged 11

In this barren land you feel alone,

With the icy giants of rock and stone,

Where mists dance through the ice,

We eat our tasty instant rice.

Watch out, don’t get frostbite,

It’s a struggle to sleep at night,

In this snow globe stick together,

It feels like you’ve been walking forever.

Beware of the howling blizzard,

It might come from some sort of wizard

The mountains are covered in powdered sugar,

Although the cute penguins aren’t much of a hugger.

The Icy Antarctic

By Jake, aged 11

The layers of white blanket were cold

Marching through winter’s grip, feeling bold

The mountains danced in the silent snow

Hoping our feet will so we can go

The Antarctic mirror reflecting the light

Frozen air standing still in the night

Sleeping in a tent is freezing

Dreams of hot food is just teasing.

Wonders of the Icy World

By Maryam, aged 11

In a place where time is still, icy giants are covered with snow

How do we survive on an ice floe?

Huge gusts of wind force us to kneel,

Animals have adapted to survive, such as penguins, orcas and seals.

In this barren, frozen place,

Frostbite is one the dangers we have to face,

Wondering how I will face my fears

The wind howled like it possessed my ears.

The water flinched as the boat slid past,

Adventurers hope this is their last,

The clouds float above all,

Their heavy load is ready to fall

As we climb the mountains we rise,

Not afraid of the mountain size,

White blankets fall upon the mountains, cold,

Marching toward the adventure feeling bold.