Polar Lesson Activities

Practical activities explained and modelled by Antony Jinman (real Polar Explorer and part of Quest21 and Quest 22 Teams).

Why is Polar exploration an important topic to learn about in school?

Gloopy Glaciers

This session is an introduction to what a glacier is and the many different types that exist.

Blubber Hands

In this lesson will use “blubber” to show how Polar marine mammals stay warm in the icy waters.

Inuit Painting

This session is an introduction to the different communities that call the Arctic home, watch the video to explore how the Inuit people create art work using snow.

Offline lesson ideas provided by "Education through Expeditions - ETE".

Polar Bears

Northern Lights

Kit and Equipment

Pole to Pole

Dinner Time

Further lesson ideas can be found on Polar Exploration in the Heroic Age of Scientific Discovery. Click the image below to navigate straight to "Polar Lessons".